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Walks 'n' wags Pet first aid certification!

This is a 10-hour course teaching the Veterinarian endorsed Walks ’N’ Wags curriculum.  Walks 'N' Wags is the longest standing pet first aid program and is offered across Canada and the US.  The course is a must for all pet owners.  Our curriculum covers dogs and cats.  If your business is dog walking, doggie daycare, grooming, kenneling, pet sitting or any other business where you work with animals, knowing what to do in an emergency is essential.  Even if you aren't in the pet business, but are devoted to your furry companions, having the knowledge to be the first responder can mean everything when the unexpected happens.  This course is not a substitute for veterinary care but will equip you with the skills to treat and stabilize your injured or sick pet while you seek veterinary attention.  It will also provide you with the knowledge to know when something is wrong and to seek medical help. 

At the successful completion of the 10-hour course, you will earn a Pet First Aid certification, which is valid for three years.  The learning experience is hands-on and FUN. You will learn through a combination of theory, presentations, games and hands-on practice.  What sets the Walks ’N’ Wags program apart from the others is that the class sizes are kept small and, most importantly, you work with live animals.  You have the option to bring your own dog to class (some restrictions apply).  For more information please visit the Walks 'N' Wags website at

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