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Getting your dog out for regular physical activity is important for their overall health, but with todays busy world it can be hard to keep up with the needs of your pets. Jog My Dog takes the stress away and makes it easy for you, we pick up your dog for their daily dose of activity! Your dog will not only get exercise, but plenty of socialization to keep their minds active as well!
All services include pickup and drop off, healthy treats, report cards and lots of love!

canine club

For well socialized dogs of any size
Off leash play time
At a fenced dog park
Mon-Fri noon

Great for socialization, enrichment, exercise, play time 

mini mutt pack walk

For small & senior dogs
On leash pac
k walks
In a friendly neighbourhood
Mon-Fri morning or aftern
Great for socialization, enrichment, and exercise

custom program

For all dogs
Choose an or off leash walk or run
Choose any location
Choose any day, any time
Great for private time, just for your precious pooch

Want to know which type of
walk is best for your dog?

to get started, 
schedule your free
irtual me
et n' greet

to get started
schedule your free
irtual me
et n' greet

are you ready to book?

skip the meet n' greet

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